Johanna Tham Studio is
available for commissions
and collaborations.
Please drop a
line below 
if you want to
work  together!

Hi there, I’m Johanna - a Stockholm based multidisciplinary designer with an interest in art and narrative. Specialising in graphic design, art direction, illustration and typography.
I believe in curiosity, refinement, knowledge and awareness. Dedicated to deliver beautiful curated content and aesthetics.
Beside being a freelancing designer, I work part time for a contemporary art institution in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design, 
School of Crafts and Design, HDK.
Art Foundation Year in painting (2 y),
Gothenburg Art School.

Art History and Culture Studies,
Gothenburg University.
Contact me!
If you want to say hi, please reach out via the form or email me at: hej@johannatham.se

Lövholmsgränd 12
113 29 Stockholm

Thank you! :)
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